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Chef Biography

Executive Chef Sean Fritchle
After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, an opportunity to work at the Four Star Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City took Sean away from his home state of Georgia to the Midwest. After a year, and with some foundational restaurant experience, Sean was able to move back east to the Hermitage Hotel where he worked under Nashville Chef, Tyler Brown. Having honed his skills at several upscale restaurants, Sean made his way back to his family in Dahlonega where he is currently building a team and creating menus for North Georgia’s newest fine dining experience at Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard.

Sean’s philosophy is to put a modern spin on classic technique using regionally sourced ingredients. His focus is to give guests a memorable experience and have fun in the process. Sean has an interest in unusual cooking techniques such as sous-vide, fermentation and preservation.

“Never stop creating. Always be thinking of the next thing or how to make what you’re doing now better. Creation is a primary part of being a chef. If you don’t create or try new things, you’ll never grow.”
Chef Sean Fritchle

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