Healing Bodywork

Healing Bodywork

Pamper yourself during your mountain getaway at our nature-friendly spa, which offers relaxing massages, facials, luxurious body wraps and scrubs.

Please book your spa appointments in advance by calling 1-706-865-7678 to make sure you can book exactly what you want when you want it. Our therapists are on-call, not on-site. 


The south's favorite drink has never been sweeter with this invigorating, fully customizable massage! Enjoy a beautifully flavored and extremely hydrating creme while you adapt the length and style of the massage to reach your body's unique health goals.

60 Minutes $95
90 Minutes $125
This berried beauty is our signature full body massage featuring an array of beautiful products that will transcend you into our farm fresh vineyard fields and take your mind and body to the height of relaxation! Pairing a combination of our Wine Down Serum that locks in key moisture and infuses antioxidant-rich nectar into your pores with vitamin-infused quinsberry oil to recondition your skin and leave a youthful glow makes this an exquisite experience from head to toe. Top off the massage with our lovely Front Porch Punch Shea Butter and your skin will feel as soft as satin for days.

60 Minutes $105
90 Minutes $135
Place your body, mind, and spirit firmly on the grounds of the promised land with our beautifully designed Holistic Massage experience. During this massage, you will be lead through a guided mind-grounding meditation while your body is eased into relaxation through a neck and shoulder massage using our fresh Honey Magnolia Body Oil. Once your body and mind are both at ease, your spirit will soar with our Whipped Honey Heel Scrub and Honey Heels Glaze to lock in moisture and satisfaction into your foundation. Lastly, you will feel complete and whole once more with the application of our milky Whoopie Cream transforming your skin into soft seduction for days.

60 Minutes $115
90 Minutes 145
Sink into steamy relaxation with the help of our beautiful hot stone massage. Accompanied by our amazing Wine Down Body Serum and sweet Quinsberry Body Oil, you will be transformed from stressed to blessed. The heated massage from the stones will allow your muscle tissues to surrender easily to therapeutic touch while the serum infuses rich antioxidants and the body oil locks in vitamins and moisture to the skin. From the inside out, this massage is fully transforming.

75 Minutes $125

Body Treatments

Enjoy an exfoliating body brush followed by a full body, nutrient-rich Sea Algae body mask infused with our coconut Shea Sugar Scrub and tightening Banana Turmeric Facial Mask. After a restful 15 minutes of complete body coverage and a heated towel body wrap you will experience a steamy mint and rosemary infused shower followed by a head, neck or foot massage, infusing our Organic Farm House Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter Body Cream. You will be transported to the shores and beyond with this out-of-the-water, full-body immersion experience.

75 Minutes $165
Enjoy an exfoliating body brush followed by a full body, nutrient-rich Botanical Mud body mask infused with our Sweet Tea Sugar Scrub and detoxifying Peat Perfection Facial Mask. After a restful 15 minutes of complete body coverage and a heated towel body wrap, you will experience a steamy mint and rosemary infused shower followed by a head, neck, or foot massage, infusing our restorative Agave Nectar Body Oil. You will be at one with Mother Earth's intense healing with this grounding, full body experience.

75 Minutes $125
Deliciously Southern, this spa treatment is a tall drink of tea for your skin. Peach, cream, green tea, honey, sunflower seed oil, magnolia, and sugary goodness are all blended into one service to serve your skin's sweet tooth and quench your body's thirst. This award-winning product will be applied to your body, then a steam shower will make way for a Burdock and Butter facial or a Swedish Massage infused with our Sweet Tea Shea Butter cream.

75 Minutes $125
Bikini season is here. Invest in a silky-smooth look and feel of a sea salt scrub experience with the added bonus of revitalizing berry flavors. Enjoy an exfoliating body brush followed by a full body, ultra-exfoliating sea salt scrub infused with our wonderful Rasmopolitan salt scrub. After a relaxing 40 minutes of skin scrub down bliss, you will experience a steamy 10 minute mint & rosemary infused shower. The treatment ends on a warm massage table with your choice of a luxurious 40 minutes of Swedish Massage using a naturally sweet treat for your skin, our vitamin infused Quinsberry Body Oil OR the Strawberry Lavender Buffing Facial, which will gently exfoliate and nourish your skin to perfection. This treatment is the ultimate in spa bliss, infusing moisture, youth, and beach-worthy beauty into your skin from head to toe..

90 Minutes $145
Tightening, brightening enzymes accompanied with whipped, hydrating moisturizers bring you the ultimate anti-aging experience for your face and body! Signature notes of banana, pineapple, and vanilla found in Kaya's Chardonnay are also noted in this decadent treatment. Your skin will first be cleansed of all impurities with a green tea calming cleanser and toned with the antioxidant power of aronia berries to create a pore-less complexion. A glycolic mask will then dissolve away dead surface skin, revealing a newer, smoother skin texture. While you bask in your enzymatic glow, your body will be treated to a crisp champagne skin cleanse and weightless body mousse with vitamin-rich emollients to bring back skin youth. The tightening radiance power of our Mighty Tighty banana mask will diminish lines and take you into full relaxation, while a scalp massage takes you back to your younger years. We'll finish the treatment with a full-blown lineup of power peptides and antioxidants, and our Crow Catcher Eye Transforming Serum, layered under a botanical milk moisturizer and pineapple lip balm. A glass of Kaya Chardonnay will be awaiting the new, more youthful version of yourself after treatment bliss.

90 Minutes $175


Enjoy this cheerful, fruity treatment like a glass of our signature Merlot Blush! Notes of strawberry and pomegranate combine for the ultimate antioxidant power to fight aging and skin stressors. A green tea wash and organic berry tonic will cleanse the skin of makeup, dirt and oils, followed by a strawberry pore-refining buff mask. Next, a cool hydration mask jam packed with berries, pomegranate, and greens will quench skin and rescue it from environmental stressors. While you're soaking in your multi-vitamin mask, melt into the silky sheets with a relaxing hand, arm, and scalp massage featuring the ripest melody of fruit scents in our Front Porch Punch Shea Butter- one whiff and your mouth will be watering! Finish off your treatment with a vitamin enhanced illuminating serum, eye serum, anti aging moisturizer, blackberry lip balm, and a glass of our signature Kaya Merlot Blush. Your skin will be youthful and plump, and your senses indulged with this sweet treat!

45 Minutes $95
A complete skin experience focused on total body relaxation and harmonizing of the skin. A gentle milk wash will begin your experience by nourishing the skin to a healthy moisture level. Sweet rose water and berry extract infuse antioxidants before a mild exfoliating mask is buffed into the skin to reveal a calm, hydrated tone. Balancing ingredients of organic aloe vera, probiotics, and rice extract leave skin supple and dewy to create a gorgeous glow. While you're mid-hydration in our soothing mask, enjoy a hand and arm massage with the natural botanical scents of steeped lavender infused with the softness of buttermilk for a velvety smooth feel you will adore! Relax and renew with a facial massage to encourage circulation and lymphatic drainage. End your skin-perfecting treatment with a combination of illuminating vitamins, soothing moisturizers and wild blackberry lip balm.

$60 Minutes $110

Service Enhancements

Kick back and relax while you treat your feet and your inner self with ultra-therapeutic reflexology. Designed to stimulate your inner organs and other parts of your body holding stress and tension, reflexology uses the reflex points of the feet to reach other areas prone to high stress or toxicity in a deeply relaxing way. Enjoy our Whipped Honey Salt Scrub application with therapeutic hot towel wrap designed to exfoliate and moisturize your entire foot from ankle to toe. Next feel the buttery smooth Honey Heel Glaze lock that moisture into your tissues with the added bonus of Whoopie Cream Shea Butter to end. What a wonderful way to enhance any service!

Add 30 Minutes and $55
This awakening hand and foot treatment brings a new day with a fine-grain sea salt and rice bran exfoliation to increase circulation and smooth rough skin. A warm honey serum with live papaya fruit cells cocoon skin, infusing deep hydration and locking in moisture under heated hand and foot wraps. After a vitamin c enriched berry oil is massaged into hands and feet, your treatment will be topped off with an intensive repairing hydration cream of sunflower and honey-butter.

Add 45 Minutes and $65
Add time and extra relaxation to your service with a transcending scalp massage followed by a beautiful neck and shoulder massage with our silky smooth, good enough to eat, Whoopie Cream Shea Butter. Therapy for the skin on your face is extremely important, so we include a blissful boost to your overall experience with a facial mask of your choosing to address any skin issues you may have. From clearing away impurities to tightening pores, we have you covered, literally! You will be deliciously made anew after this wonderful enhancement!

Add 30 Minutes and $55
A juicy, crushed organic blackberry and Merlot wine lip polish gently remove dry surface skin and erase signs of aging. Our creamy chocolate sundae mask will hydrate and nourish lips with the anti-aging superpower of CoQ10. This chocolate stunner will tempt you to lick the deliciousness right off! Word to the wise: just let it sit and do its smooth magic. Finish with a hydrating shea butter lip balm with natural blackberry juice that will soften and hydrate to splendor!

Add 15 Minutes and $25
Cancellation Policy
We honor a 24-hour cancellation policy. Should any treatment be canceled or change of therapist occur within 24 hours of appointment time, a 50% cancellation fee of all services booked will apply.
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